Varanasi Real Estate Market: Why Apartments Are A Smart Investment

Varanasi Real Estate Market: Why Apartments Are A Smart Investment

Varanasi Real Estate Market: Why Apartments Are A Smart Investment

A city known for its temples and pristine ghats by the Holy Ganga, Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world. The city has close ties to Hinduism and is known for its spirituality and rooted traditional values.

The city has been attracting pilgrims from all over the world for decades. However, it has only been for some time now that Varanasi has witnessed a high demand from real estate investors as well. The credit for this goes to improving infrastructure and breaking the social belief and stereotypes that Varanasi is just a town of worship. Instead, Varanasi is a major tourist destination in Uttar Pradesh and home to some of the finest institutions in the country.

With that said and done, the demand for affordable housing in Varanasi is on a steady rise. In case you want to invest in the developing landscape of the city and are looking for a peaceful, calm, and affordable flat in Varanasi, Harahua should be a place to look out for .


Awadh Ambrosia, Harahua

Harahua is a calm and peaceful vicinity in the backdrop of Varanasi's city life. The area is well connected to Varanasi and hosts some of the most prominent real estate developers and their projects, including Awadh Ambrosia

Awadh Ambrosia in Harahua   is a residential project brought into action by the Awadh Group that offers premium two and 3-BHK residential flats for sale in Harahua. The RERA-approved project spreads across a massive area of 6474.97 square meters. The project is entirely earthquake-resistant, as approved by the IIT BHU.  

Awadh Group has a long and successful track record of delivering state-of-the-art residential projects like Awadh Ashoka, Homes, and Apartments.  

The property is located strategically and enjoys many important amenities in a radius of ten to twelve kilometres

Here are the major highlights in terms of location advantage:

  • Harahua Crossing is just 5 minute's walk
  • 6 km to school 
  • Ring Road is just 2 km away  
  • Varanasi railway station is 12 km, and Shivpur railway station is 6 km
  • International Airport is just 8 km away
  • A Metro network is proposed with a station just a kilometre away

With excellent connectivity to all the prime locations in Varanasi, the residential project is also full of modern amenities that drastically improve and complement the living experience of its residents. Here are some of the most alluring facilities to look up to:

  • Swimming Pool & Gymnasium
  • Yoga Hall
  • Indoor and Outdoor sports facilities
  • Landscape Garden
  • Car parking area with roof
  • Temple

Why invest in the residential flats in Varanasi?

For a real estate property in varanasi  to excel and bring high capital appreciation, it is essential that the external factors turn out positive. These include the location of the area, the growing economy, demand, safety, and infrastructure development

Let's take a closer look at how this affects real estate and why Varanasi deserves to be on your bucket list of investments

1. Infrastructure Development

Varanasi is receiving heavy investment from the central government to boost the education sector, connectivity, development of new highways, and improving social infrastructure .

The most prominent developments in Varanasi are:

  • MCA wing in BHU worth around ₹1500 crores
  • Three-lane highway between Varanasi and Gazipur
  • Kashi- Vishwanath Corridor for better connectivity to holy shrines of the city
  • Children's welfare activities
  • Cleansing of the Holy Ganga River

All these developments integrated signals towards a better living and tourism experience in Varanasi and show the government's positive development towards the area. On a long-term basis, this will bring high capital appreciation to investors.

2. Economic Factors and Investments

Varanasi is developing really fast and is an emerging Tier-2 city. The city's ambience, calm, and growing educational institutions have attracted both national and global attention from investors

Given to its affordable living, Varanasi has a low cost of living. Hence, investments here are easily affordable by everyone without compromising much on luxury

3. Increased demand from Tenants

With the Banaras Hindu University getting included in the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi has a massive influx of students. Apart from that, the growing tourism influx in the region has created several job opportunities and increased the demand from tenants looking for rental spaces. Therefore, investing in a Residential Flat For Sale In Harahua will attract decent rental income along with the steady appreciation of your capital. 

4. Safety and excellent connectivity

Varanasi is relatively safe and has a soothing environment for families to reside. Given its pilgrimage aura and being the spiritual capital of the country, the city has its own aura. 

Also, Varanasi is well connected to the whole country, with an excellent network of roads, rail, and air. With a series of major highways passing through the outskirts of Varanasi, like the Nationa Highway 7, 35, 31, 19 and 223, commuting to nearby cities and towns is a breeze. 

For easy and faster movement of goods, the city also has an inland port that covers around 1.26 million metric tons of annual cargo. 

The railway station of Varanasi is quite significant, with major trains having a halt. This ensures timely and affordable transportation for everyone. 

The final verdict 

The city of Varanasi has always been known for its significance and importance in Hinduism. However, lately, the city has emerged as a real estate hotspot after a series of infrastructure developments in the area. 

If you are looking for a peaceful serenity in the backdrop of nature and want to invest in a residential flat for sale in Harahua, then making a real estate investment in Awadh Ambrosia, Harahua, will be a great opportunity.  

The property is one of the most luxurious projects in the location, with great amenities and facilities to choose from. The location of the property is such that all the basic amenities are within a radius of 10 kilometres, making it a subtle investment option. 


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